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December 10, 2012, 8:30 am
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There’s two reason why I would rather be at Morrisoncon right now than anywhere else. First because it was the best con ever and second, the Vegas heat beats the icicle inducing weather we have today in the UK!

This year’s been a con crazy year – we’ve been far north for Hi-Ex, crossed the water over to Ireland for D.I.C.E, and made several trips to England for LSCC, KAPOW! and Thought Bubble – but without a doubt the standout trip of the year has to be Vegas for the sublime weekend that was Morrisoncon. It’s been several months now since then, but the high hasn’t worn off, as flashbacks of spoken word performances and artists drawing Fat Superman still bounce around inside my head.

The event took everything we enjoy about cons and made them 10 times better, with incredibly varied and interesting panels, crazy personal access to all of the guests and all taking place in the coolest places in all of Vegas (and I don’t just mean the best air conditioning). Although UK cons like Thought Bubble share the same laid back vibe, they can’t compete with the atmosphere that surrounded the Hard Rock Hotel that weekend, with everyone on the same wavelength and happy to become one big happy Morrison family.

Attending Morrisoncon has been somewhat bittersweet – we got to experience something truly incredible with only a small number of people, but we’re unlikely to seem the same event ever again. Speaking to Grant Morrison at Dundee Comics Day a few weeks after the Vegas event I asked him when we’d see the next Morrisoncon, but it sounded like he and the organisers are sticking to their original promise of it being a ‘Once in a lifetime event’. “People will just compare it to the previous one” he said “and complain that it wasn’t as good” – quite true given that raising the bar on an already special weekend would certainly be tough.

That said – I probably wouldn’t have to give too much thought if the organisers were to put on a similar kind of event like Snydercon on! (James, Kirsten and Ron – MAKE THIS HAPPEN!)

Craig @hastiecraig

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