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December 10, 2012, 8:30 am
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There’s two reason why I would rather be at Morrisoncon right now than anywhere else. First because it was the best con ever and second, the Vegas heat beats the icicle inducing weather we have today in the UK!

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MORRISONCON 2012 by Craig

What do comics, the desert and a rock’n’roll hotel have in common? Normally nothing at all, but for one special weekend at the end of September, the three merged together to form a very special comic convention – one we’ve never seen the likes of before and possibly may never again – and they called it Morrisoncon.

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Here at Comics Anonymous we travel round the country throughout the year to get our fix of comic conventions – so it makes a nice change to be able to roll out of bed on a Saturday morning and only spend 20 minutes in the car getting to this weekend’s Glasgow Comic Con. It also means that after a long day of conning, posts like these can be done from the comfort of your own sofa, and not holed up in a hotel room – bliss! Here are Craig and Gary’s views on Day 1.

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June 6, 2012, 9:33 pm
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Greetings Bat-Fans! Join me in another edition of my column that stalks the streets of Gotham looking for crime and punching it in the face. I’ll warn you though, you’ll need to put your big boy pants on – it’s not a nicey nice spoiler free zone in here, I’ll be cracking these books in two to reveal all of their gooey centres…

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BATMAN #1 by Craig
September 25, 2011, 4:36 pm
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Holy Bat-crap! This is the Batman comic we have been waiting for… Or certainly the one I was. And it doesn’t disappoint. Not one bit. Scott Snyder has been making a name for himself as a master Batman writer with his excellent run on Detective comics. Greg Capullo has an impressive past on Spawn. Together, they make an unstoppable dynamic duo.

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STORMWATCH #1 by gillianhastie

Stormwatch is an excellent example of a Wildstorm import into the new DCU. The characters and concept are pretty original but go quite well with the existing DC cast, and I reckon incorporating the Martian Manhunter was a good move.  He fits in with the others in manner and mood, and he goes with the colour scheme. Bonus.
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Action Comics

Grant Morrison kicks off his involvement in DC’s New 52 with Action Comics and in typical Morrison fashion he’s been able to retain enough of the Superman we know, while messing with what we think we know at the same time.  The art team of Rags Morales (Penciller), Rick Bryant (Inker) & Brad Anderson (Colourist) seem to have tapped into Morrisons vibe and although it’s maybe not as detailed as in some of the other New 52 titles, it’s managed to grasp the bold colours and imagery we expect form a Superman title and involve us further in the action.

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