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HAWKEYE #4 by G-Man

It’s no secret that this release has been a gem of a title and with this issue we get our first 2-part arc kick-off called “The Tape”.

Clint’s everyday life in this issue starts with a rooftop BBQ with fellow Hawkeye Kate Bishop……but Clint’s never lucky enough for things to stay normal for long.  Cue a S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier with agents set on bringing Clint on-board….no questions asked and that’s what happens – as he’s brought in to talk to Maria Hill and Captain America…..although what they have to tell him has an impact on justs him.  The Avengers, the President & S.H.I.E.L.D. are all at risk when a tape surfaces of Hawkeye killing a political target as he represents the US of A.

A valuable tape to the criminal element of the world and Clint’s latest mission is to attend the auction and get that tape at all costs… sounds so simple right??  A quick stop off at this apartment to pick up any gear he may need for his trip as well as trying to explain to Kate just what’s happening…..although he tells her nothing more than he has to go away and he may not make it back.

He arrives in Madripoor and is quickly picked up by the authorities….not a great start but one that he can escape in typical Bourne style and get back on his mission.  His cab journey doesn’t go too well though as he gets mugged, robbed and finds himself touring the city in his new role as temporary cab driver.  Things spiral further as he’s soon picked up by Madame Masque, an interested party in the tape, and she is set on keeping Clint out of the way while the likes of The Kingpin, Hydra & other top super criminals aim their collective sights on the tape.

That’s all well and good but nothing will keep Madame Masque away from winning the auction and taking home the prize and even that’s not as straight-forward as you’d expect with a twist at the end of the tale that gears this two-parter up well.  Fraction does it again and maintains the consistency he’s managed to bring to this title from issue #1…..and all the while we have David Aja firing art at us that capture a broad world of seedy streets and strong characters.  This is still keeping a top spot in my must-read pile and with Fraction & Aja maintaining the quality from the off…..and having me curse them for making me wait a month between issues.



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