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January 27, 2015, 9:46 pm
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Wolf Country #3

Jim Alexander’s 1st two issues of Wolf Country (reviewed here) seemed to have an entire universe of possibilities behind it with it’s mix of wild west & werewolves and the good news is that issue #3 brings with more of the same and then some.

After setting up the obvious divide between the affluent residents of The Kingdom in harsh contrast with the wilds of Wolf Country and it’s fairly obvious that the tug of war between the government guards is going to continue.  Lead my Sergeant Urquhart these vampires in the midst of the camp are supposed to act as reassurance to the residents of the camp…..but they’re only making things more uneasy.

Vampire guard

Meanwhile back in The Kindom there’s rumblings about the Vampire State and it’s frailties with in-fighting & double-crossing being the order of the day.  All far more intricate work from Jim as he’s building on top of an already substantial mythology that sees the complexity of politics mix with the face-off between Vampire & Werewolf.  The settlement remains the next target for the werewolves of Wolf Country & while there is a secret war chipping away at the inner pillars of The Kingdom…..there’s an all-out attack on the cards over at the settlement.

It’s like an extravagant chess game as the tactical moves begin – the humans are caught in the middle and although they’re armed to the teeth you can’t help but think that the wolves will overwhelm them with sheer numbers and their Vampire allies may very well take care of any who survive.  Just as we’re ready to see who fights, who lives & who dies we’re left on the brink of war when we close out the issue as we’re desperate to see what happens next.


An intricate plot that seems to be gathering steam and a real sense of scale as it continues into the midst of a war on 2 different fronts – the city & the settlement.  Great characters that depict the humans as survivors at best and who are dependent on help from the Vampires that are equally bad & good for them.  There’s a strong undercurrent that they’d betray them for a quick hit of blood and coupled with the unstoppable wave of werewolves I can’t really pick out who will survive….but I don’t think everyone will.

Will Pickering brings the same strong artwork from issue #2 as he adds the hint of menace to both sides of the divide while capturing the air of desperation that hangs around the human characters who are forced to lock n load in an attempt to save themselves and their families.  Luke Cooper adds an amazing cover to the mix as he round off another strong issue. Great stuff and a unique feel to this latest issue that helps it stand out in a pull-list that’s full of great ideas.  Roll-on issue #4.

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