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Wolf Country 1 and 2

Vampires, werewolves and westerns….oh my!  That’s what we get in these first two issues from Planet Jimbot and that alone should make this worth a read.

Issue one  sets up the world Jim Alexander has created as Luke, our disgruntled teenager who’s fed-up of city life in “The Kingdom”.  In the midst of the dark city streets Luke is confronted by a werewolf and we’re flash forward three years to the desert and another faceoff as Luke and his companion are on the run from a group of wolves.  Luke is injured during this and it’s here that we find out what his real place in the city was…..and that they’re both vampires…….all kinds of information in one swoop.  Vampires vs Wolves as they all quest for survival – it’s Young Guns meets Underworld in comic book form and it’s truly engaging.  Luke Cooper provides some great artwork in this first issue as the surroundings and situations change…..where grim and violent deaths mix with more grim and violent deaths to punctuate that true feeling of survival.  Our main character Luke leaves the dessert camp and heads off into the wild west and it’s wolf country.

Wolf Country 1

Issue two keeps us in that same world where captured werewolves are brought into the same camp in the dessert where vampire government forces arrive to audit them.  The powers that be in “The Kingdom are flexing their collective muscle over the outliers to keep them in line and encourage their compliance to their rules.  Plus they want to highlight their error in letting Luke go missing in the way that he did.  There’s a full on pack of government agents who drain the blood from a horse in front of the camp inhabitants and again the survival element is there…….the rest of the issue closes out with a look at the goings-on in The Kingdom itself as gladiatorial displays end with the sacrifice of a wolf to the cheers of the bloodthirsty crowd. A change of artist for this one but it retains that dark, gritty vibe from the first issue and if anything, it drags us deeper into a world that shows lots of potential.

Wolf Country 2

Two issues in and their seems like a whole universe to expand on – with a mix of cities, wild west, werewolves & vampires all being interesting elements in their own right……the mix and interactions between each of the characters is intriguing.

Be sure to check these out at MCM London this weekend if you’re down… out Planet Jimbot!!



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