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January 12, 2015, 11:31 pm
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Midnight Man

Creative team Mo Ali & Andy Bloor bring us this new tale of a London vigilante that can cross time & dimensions…….and what a ride this issue is.

Opening with an over-the-top entrance our central character smashes through the face of Big Ben pursued by a possessed horse and while Midnight Man can fall with style……his pursuer ain’t so lucky.  THAT’S a pretty cool way to open and the whole issue oozes a slick, modern style as a mystery unfolds & our main protagonist is equally slick as his every move is calculated to aide his latest case.

Through Big Ben

His methods are severe but effective and we’re whisked along with him as Mo Ali writes a smart plot that twists through time while using Midnight Man as the anchor to keep the story grounded.  A punchy script keeps the confrontations between good & evil measured perfectly and the mix of all out action sets a phenomenal pace across those forty pages.  Artist Andy Bloor, who we’ve seen on Accent UK’s Wolfmen books, adds some great detail on the set-pieces and his smart layouts help capture the quips & gunfire with a deft touch.


The only downside for me was the ending all seemed a bit sudden but that could be a result of the overall pace of the issue.  Although the pace itself isn’t a major issue because it still feels like there’s a lot crammed into the release.  A smart & slick introduction to a new character that leaves you wanting more and feeling drawn into the action on the pages.

Keep tabs on this and hopefully more of Midnight Man over at their website



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Love the dark style! Very Mister X.

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