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November 30, 2011, 5:18 pm
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Now when it comes to some small press issues, you might get a flashy colour cover and be let down by the fact that it’s black and white on the inside……but every now and again, there’s an exception to the rule….and here we have two.

Dave West is on writing duties here with Andy Bloor on artwork…..and since these guys created the title….you’d think a solid story/art combo would be on the cards…..and the truth is…you’re half right.  “Solid” is too weak a word for the craft that’s involved in these 2 volumes.  Great characters with a twisting plot throughout both and the kind of art you’d like to see in the form of prints and scattered on the walls of your comic book den.  These are must-buys and I’m only disappointed that I didn’t pick these up sooner.

Volume 1: The Wolfmen centres on Jack Grey and his step up into the big-time when he’s asked to be a bagman for the latest bank heist the “Wolfmen” gang are running.  A gang dressed like “Reservoir Dogs” and with “masks” to hide their real identity, this 60’s set gritty thriller is involving from the start.  Great twists and turns along the way, as we see the first volume play out with what seems to be the end of Jack.  Epilogue’s 1 & 2 help weave some additional plot lines ahead of the second volume.

Volume 2: Fall of the Wolfmen.  Jack returns with is mind set on revenge and we see our plot getting thicker than a pool of blood in the sun.  We have a Detective looking for Jack, we have Jack’s girlfriend Jen being kidnapped by the Wolfmen as insurance and we even have a rival Gang, The Ghosts, appear on the scene to insight a turf war.  There’s also another twist near the end when the identity of a new “Wolfman” is revealed.

Like any small press books, I picked these up on a whim………but sometimes gambles like these pay-off and it certainly did on these.  Volume 1 came out in 2007 with Volume 2 being a recent release, just last year.  It gets even better when we find out that West & Bloor are working on the final chapter in this trilogy, “Fall of the Wolfmen”….which I can’t wait to get hold of.

In the meantime, I’m about to delve into another Accent UK release – “Whatever Happened to the Fastest Man Alive?” which won an Eagle Award in 2009 for Best Black & White Comicbook.

Checkout the Accent UK for their other titles and buy these two ahead of that final part of the trilogy being released….gives you time to pass it round your friends.

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Glad you enjoyed the books … they are also available for download at in case you want to read them but can’t get to a UK Con.

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