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December 19, 2012, 11:32 pm
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When you see Grant Morrison’s name on a new release there is always a good chance that most folks will pick it up.  Although with this title I tried to steer clear of any spoilers on the run up to it coming out.

Another added bonus was that the title was being released by Image, a publisher in high regard with the Comics Anonymous gang and with good reason.  A sea of fresh, quality titles have flowed from Image in the last year or more, with no clear sign of that stopping, so this was no surprise that Happy would become a hit with us.

What I ended up with was as far away from anything I imagined but in a very good way – a typically imaginative release with a gritty, violence filled man vs the mob vibe to it but what separates this from your a-typical mobster turf war or ex-cop trying to seek revenge on the mob is his unusual sidekick, Happy.  I say unusual but that doesn’t really do it justice, you see Happy is a small, blue, flying unicorn that only our main man, Nick Sax , can see.  A mix of Sin City meets Harvey is how I can best describe the 2 issues I’ve read so far but I’ve been keeping this in the must-read section of my regular pull-list.

Heavy on the violence and profanities which has left some people disheartened by the title but for me it’s well-balanced with the light-hearted approach that our imaginary friend brings the title.  Smart, quirky and action-packed so far and it leaves me with a vast number of options in what I think will happen in the title…..only for Morrison to take it in a fresh new direction.  Kudos to the great art from Darick Robertson and some solid colour work from Richard P. Clark who help enhance the vivid world in Morrison’s head.

See the reviews of issue #1 & #2


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