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December 18, 2012, 8:00 am
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Avengers Assemble

Marvel’s Phase 1 of releases would reach its conclusion with the release of Avengers Assemble back in April and all in the trusted hands of fan-favourite Joss Whedon.

The one concern ahead of its release was whether the hefty egos of the individual characters could be kept in check for a team-up movie that we’d all love.  What we got from Whedon surpassed many of our hopes – bring us a well-scripted, well-paced movie with action and heart.  Whedon’s respect for the fanboys was sure to see him keep us all in mind as he tied the hints from the individual movie releases and drop in an extensive roster of characters with ease.

Screen time split seamlessly between them and giving us the action an Avengers movie demanded…..all while keeping a solid story in place that would see the team crumble before rallying to earth’s defence.  With Loki’s alliance with the Chetauri race bringing an invasion of world-ending proportions to the doorstop of NYC but one that would see the gang firmly brought to gether to fight until the last to avenge it.

Some great one-liners, some laugh-out loud moments, a poignant death that I never saw coming and all with a hint at the Phase 2 direction the titles will take.  Let’s not forget that Stan Lee cameo too and we got the complete package.  Fun & entertaining in equal measure and well worth watching in a Marvel movie marathon of the phase 1 releases…..which I’ve done a few times now….and will do again ahead of the next release from Marvel 😀

Fuller review here


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