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March 11, 2012, 1:10 pm
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During our travels a few weeks ago at London Super Comic Con we managed to quickly catch up with Paul Cornell again (we previously spoke to him at the start of the DC New 52 relaunch) to see how things were going with his work with DC as well as discuss his new book out later this week – Saucer Country.

Unlike many of the artists that surrounded him, Paul was peacefully sitting at his table during the con with no worry of meeting sketch deadlines – instead he sat with a nice bundle of DC comics he’d brought along to give away to people. One of the perks that comes with working for DC is the free comics they’ll send you each month – so while Paul keeps the collected editions, he finds giving away the individual issues away at cons a good way to spread the word.

Speaking about his DC work on Demon Knights, Paul was a little cagey on the details of the next arc in the series – purely not to give away too many details, because it’ll start to show the “scaffolding of Demon Knights and Stormwatch”:

We’ve got a shorter arc which goes to all sorts of different places and really ties-in hugely with the future of the DC universe. It’s shows some of the foundations that we’ve had planned from the start, and I think it will appeal to people who are following where these characters end up in the future. I’m being very general here because none of the specifics have come out. It’s an urban setting and there’s a few familure faces involved. I wouldn’t call it a crossover though.

Other than Demon Knights though, Paul is busy working on both another comic and a novel, which he describes as “The Sweeny does Buffy”. Although we won’t see the novel until November time (but you can see him doing a dance after handing in the copy edits to his editor over at his blog) his new comic Saucer Country from Vertigo will be with us in no time at all as it’s released this Wednesday.

The book is obviously one he holds dear, since he comments that “I’ve been researching this book since I was 8”. A clear UFO mythology fan, he’s created a “West Wing meets the X-Files” story:

It’s the story of Arcadia Alvarado who is the governor of New Mexico, and is about to become US Presidential candidate when she’s ‘abducted by aliens’. It’s drawn by the wonderful Ryan Kelly and getting art from him, rather like Diogenes on Demon Knights in my inbox every morning is an absolute delight.

The series will be an ongoing one, with Paul having already penned the first arc. Breaking up the arcs will be planned filler issues from guest artists, the first of which being a “field guide to aliens”:

It will be taking us through a history of all the different aliens people have seen over the years and the circumstances in which people saw them. Every arch will explore a different facet of UFO myth.

According to Paul orders for the book have been good, so he’s pleased. I know it’s one I’m looking forward to reading later this week, so check back for a review on the book.

Craig @hastiecraig

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