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I, VAMPIRE #1 by gillianhastie

At first glance, this book (with it’s unimaginative title) looks like it will rip-off stories told a dozen times in recent years. Vampires, love, lust, blood etc etc.  But give it just three pages and I’ll bet you a fiver it’ll be on your pull list next month.
Well, no really a fiver. I’ll need that for my own order. Forget Twilight, forget True Blood (the comics at least) and, dare I say it, forget Buffy Summers. Meet Mary and Andrew, shadowy Vampires with a twist.

There’s thick black ink and washes of muted colours spattered with copious angry, bloody reds. It’s a neat bundle of good & evil; emotion & violence; indie originality & mainstream DC. Not easy to pull off.

Issue 1 is rich, classy, poetic… And I fear that saying any more would give too much away. This is an issue worth reading and, going by the set-up in this first installment, a series worthy of subscription.


Can anyone who’s read Snyder’s American Vampire tell me how this wee issue compares?

Gillian @surelyshine

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Excellent, I’ve been curious what you guys would say about this. I’ve been circling this book since the beginning.

Time to dive in.

Comment by LocutusofTim

[…] gimmicks. The quality of the titles themselves should shine through. Milligan has been enjoying I, Vampire, Swamp Thing and Frankenstein, which confirms comments made about the strength of the ‘Dark’ […]


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