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Grant Morrison kicks off his involvement in DC’s New 52 with Action Comics and in typical Morrison fashion he’s been able to retain enough of the Superman we know, while messing with what we think we know at the same time.  The art team of Rags Morales (Penciller), Rick Bryant (Inker) & Brad Anderson (Colourist) seem to have tapped into Morrisons vibe and although it’s maybe not as detailed as in some of the other New 52 titles, it’s managed to grasp the bold colours and imagery we expect form a Superman title and involve us further in the action.

Kicking off with the cover itself we can see a jeans/t-shirt and cape combo, so we’re already shown that we’re going to see different approach to Superman in the real world.  An idea built on with our first look at Superman taking on corruption in Metropolis head-on, his no messing attitude is refreshing as he takes a clear swipe at the cops for their lack of response in cleaning up the city and those responsible for the city problems.

Taunting them to ‘Catch me if you can’ he disappears in a red and blue blur into another head-on situation which is eagerly monitored by Lex Luthor himself.  Lex, working for the government to bring Superman in, has a steely, smart-ass approach and I can’t wait to see him face off with Superman further on in the title considering Superman’s obvious new appraoch to authority figures.

From this point we see Supes return to his ‘normal’ everyday life as Clark Kent and we are introduced to differences here too, finding out that he’s only been in Metropolis six months and although he’s friends with Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane, they both work on different newspapers.  Jimmy/Lois’s pursuit of a story takes them directly into the midst of Lex Luthor’s next play to bring Superman in and this event closes out the issue.

For me, this is one of the best New 52 titles and that’s down to the combo of Morrison & Morales – they’ve managed to breathe new-life into one of the oldest characters in comics.   A smart look and a well-paced, well-written book.  Just read it and enjoy.

G-Man @gjwatson

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I loved this issue but I think Morales’ penciling was too inconsistent. Lex looks puffy and fat in one panel and thinned out in another. Some panels Supes looks like he’s in his mid to late 40’s others he looks 18. The art was distracting from the story at times like the (spoiler) scene on the subway with Lois having an issue with her left eye floating away. Morrison did and amazing job but Morales needs to improve or get off this title.

I like the new attitude Superman, cocky and brash. It will really give us a chance to watch him develop as a character. I did some research and his behavior now is very much like how it used to be in the beginning.

Comment by Perpetrator

I too loved this issue – I couldn’t help but think while I was reading how much it felt like an “old fashioned” Superman story – no complicated plot, just Supes beating on the bad guys. It wasn’t until later on I read an article on Bleeding Cool ( that talks about how Morrison has basically included covers/plot points from some of the very early Action Comics into just this issue. And for those that have read any of Morrison’s Batman stuff, you’ll know this isn’t the 1st time he’s done this – he’s a master when it comes to researching a character and bring elements from that character’s past into the present – more so with Supes this time round because it’s a reboot and essentially over-righting what was originally written.

Comment by Craig

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