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December 21, 2014, 8:00 am
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pax americana

It may well have felt like forever for Multiversity to start but when it did, the vast majority of people were on-board from the start although everyone was really counting down to the Morrison/Quitely team-up on Pax Americana.

Admittedly I wasn’t wowed by Multiversity at first but the issues got better and better as more of were released and 4 releases in it hit Pax Americana which proved to be one of the highlights of the series and probably the entire year.  Morrison’s raw inventiveness and Quitely’s intricate, beautiful artwork have seen success before when they’ve worked together but this Multiversity collaboration marks something bigger.


Probably down to the mix of this being announced so long ago with the weight of expectation having built up over years and partially because the event itself marks an all-encompassing who’s who of DC characters being represented.  Rich mythology mixed with creative genius just adds the WOW factor that many had been waiting for.  The only worry for me is that this is the highest Multiversity can reach and may have peaked too early but with Morrison at the helm for the series of releases there will be more to come for sure.  A glorious issue that’s first panel starts on the cover and that has more detail & story crammed into its pages than a graphic novel…..making this feel like it’s far more significant than we even realize.


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