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November 29, 2012, 10:46 am
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After a strong start to this third instalment, writer Jonathan Maberry & artist Leandro Fernandez continue to lay out the details of the event that saw the Marvel Universe tear itself to pieces.

The arrival of Dr Doom and his declaration of a cure is where we pick up this issue and his claims are met with typical suspicion…..and the fact he’s requesting the Avengers and other superheroes kneel before him for his help is a clear indicator that even in these last days of the Marvel Universe….he’s still a power-hungry tyrant.  A Doom vs Marvel Heroes kicks off and the all out brawl looks to be never-ending until Hercules erupts from the ground with his army of Molloids……..these ‘vs the Marvel Universe’ mini’s are pretty good at offering up these random ideas but in a world that’s striving to survive it’s not entirely surprising that the a-typical comic book rules would take a backseat.

Doom teams up with other heroes momentarily and wipes out Hercules and the issue closes out with the Marvel heroes bowing to Doom’s will – another surprise from a title that may well be into its third instalment but still manages to hold onto its fresh feel.  Dr Doom being his usual self while offering his services as saviour to the world is an interesting idea to inject into the story arc too and I’ll be interested to see how the last two issues work out.



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