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November 12, 2012, 1:04 am
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Gordon McLean’s No More Heroes hit issue #3 and after a phenomenal build-up in issue #1 & #2 – he made sure his title took top spot in the Comics Anonymous reading pile giving us high hopes of its on-going quality.

We weren’t disappointed and after introducing our main civilian character, Sid and his friends and then gradually easing in the cast of heroes and villains we’ve become deeply involved in a twisting plot of goodies versus baddies.  That may be something we get week in, week out from our regular reads but the quality of indie & small press titles means that our favourite reads now include a healthy amount of titles like NMH’s.  What’s even more satisfying for the Glasgow comic scene and beyond is that these titles are being noticed for the quality they hold.

With this issue of No More Heroes picking up a Scottish Independent Comic Books Award (SICBA) in this year’s nods – it’s pretty easy to see why as we get further involved in McLean’s well-planned plot.  We’ve seen Sid become drafted into the superhero business by Black Fury and head undercover into the gang of henchmen, hell bent on bringing down the heroes of the city with their latest heist.  With Jack Slaughter firmly in charge in the background their latest target is the heroes funding, a floating reserve of cash that’s currently being transported through the city on its monthly move.

As Black Fury needs the job to succeed, he helps the heist be a success and while a hero vs villain street battle kicks off Pieces, Sid and hostage/driver Billy make their escape with that reserve of cash.  The battle continues as Sid & Billy rendezvous with Black Fury and aim to set their trap for Jack Slaughter and that’s just what we do as Sid’s cash drop sees the capture of Jack.  Closing out with an unmasking and a frustrating dun-dun-dun moment as Black Fury & Sid get to see the true face of their enemy……leaving us to just guess who the hell it is.

McLean has done a stellar job again on this 3rd issue and it’s kudos to him for much of the titles success, let’s not forget just how much he’s poured into getting this release funded as he’s used redundancy money and sold belongings to make sure it comes together.  Most of the passion he has for this has poured onto the pages as he constructs one of the smartest titles around.  A title with brains, with humour and a high level of intrigue due to that fantastic plot and all while developing a cast of characters that you just love to read about.

With part of that funding being poured into the creative team, McLean has balanced out his high quality writing with high quality art to match.  Caio Oliviera produces artwork with amazingly intricate detail and energy with the ability to capture the power of the heroes & villains alongside the fear and frailty of the human cast as they just try to survive.  There’s also a great deal of craft on show with our main villain Jack Slaughter… the silent and vicious killer who I’m sure will be revealed in that last issue (I’m counting down already).

If ever there was a 4-issue mini-series to read, be that from a big publisher or small press then THIS is the one I’d suggest people start with.  It’s quality, style and ability to entertain makes this award winning release a must read for comic fans.

Hit the website to get hold of those first three issues:

No More Heores

Or catch-up with creator Gordon McLean at this year’s Thought Bubble



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