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With the sneak peeks and rumour mill a buzz with talk of the new Wolverine movie in production it was almost inevitable that a new Wolverine title would appear – the main questions would be “Do we really need one?” and “Is it any good?”

The answer to the latter is the key and this new MAX title starts with a fairly surprising opening in its attempt to slice those questions up with Adamantium claws.  Starting shortly after a plane crash we see Logan fighting through the sea and the surge of pain in his body and as he tries to save the life of a fellow passenger, the local sharks have other ideas.  The female passenger perishes in brutal fashion and Logan continues his fight to survive.  A switch to a blurry, gritty form of art as we disappear into Logan’s flashbacks – slipping in and out of consciousness until he’s rescued and rushed straight to hospital.

Healing all the way and much to the surprise of his doctors it soon becomes apparent that he’s the lone survivor of the crash…..bringing him slap bang into the local celebrity category with the media clambering for an interview.  Although not before Inspector Nakano asks him a few questions and Logan answers what he can before falling under the influences of his medication……and we disappear further into the flashbacks in his head.  A scary and unsettling place for most given his history but he soon snaps out of the world in his head and makes a tactical escape from the hospital….choosing to take an alias and pay through the nose for a dingy hotel room soon has him in the good books of the owner.

Thing is, a local celebrity can’t stay under the radar for long and he’s soon watching his own face flashing across TV screens while the local law enforcement send in their SWAT teams to take him down.  This proved to be totally unlike anything I expected from a Wolverine comic but that proved to be a good thing…..the variation in art style between the real world and Logan’s subconscious one proved to be a nifty trick from artists Roland Boshi & Connor Willumsen and the level of detail was emphasised consistently by colourist Dan Brown.

This all helped drive Jason Starr’s script which helped develop a very different feel to a character that seems to have been around forever.  A Black Rain, stranger-in-Japan feel to it gives us a story and characters that are easy to relate to – setting us up for a non-superhero take on Logan’s past.  We end up with a good, not great take on Wolverine…..and not exactly what I was expecting from a comic with MAX in it’s title.  We’ll see how things progress in that second issue.



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