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VENOM #26 by G-Man

Part three of Minimum Carnage sees our three main characters, Venom, Scarlet Spider & Carnage continue their journey’s in the microverse they’ve passed into.

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Declan Shalvey bring us the midway point of this crossover and fill-in some of the finer details about Cletus Kasady’s breakout and purpose of travelling through to these new, strange surroundings.  His skills as Carnage are the real source of interest from the team who helped him escape and brought him through to this alternate world…..and all to kill The Redeemer.  At least that’s what Carnage had been lead to believe as there’s more of a twisted, double-cross on the cards.

Next up we see Venom’s situation with a new group of ‘friends’ and followers of The Redeemer…..the common thread that ties each of these plot threads together.  We’re then dropped back in Scarlet Spider’s current problem with a massive monster aiming to crush/eat him….all with the stranger seen from the last part nearby……who turns out to be The Redeemer himself.  All three plot lines paint a different picture of this figure….an enemy, a leader and even a healer but definitely a significant figure in this developing story.

Meanwhile Carnage has turned the double-cross against him into a brutal scene of revenge as he rips through his helpers come enemies.  The first step-up in the all-out fight we are building too and there’s more violence on offer as Venom’s newfound friends seem to draft him into their cause and their latest battle.  This brings us almost full-circle as the plotlines head closer and closer to coming together which is made all the more evident as the last scene sees Scarlet Spider & The Redeemer coming under attack from Carnage.

Some crossovers can lose their way but with Cullen Bunn and Chris Yost working together so well there’s a definite consistency to the Minimum Carnage event and at this midway stage it’s an intriguing thing to see that Venom & Carnage can appear alongside Scarlet Spider and not leave us wondering where Peter Parker is.  That’s the strength of this title and it’s definitely not venturing into any clichéd or tired tales that we’ve seen before with much more of a sci-fi feel to it.  All the while being backed up by some strong art and Shelvey here manages to keep things flowing with a definite hint at the brutal, visceral side of things to come.

Roll on the next part in Scarlet Spider #11



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