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September 24, 2012, 10:29 pm
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Another one-shot featuring Lobster Johnson, a character from the Hellboy universe that has quickly become a favourite of mine.  Following a good, but not great one-shot just recently (The Prayer of Neferu) I was hopeful that this would be a return to form for Lobster.

Another one-shot with both Mike Mignola & John Arcudi on writing duties – I had high hopes, even with that previous one-shot in the back of my mind.  Thankfully we get a smooth opening in a movie theatre as two friends leave from a disappointing movie and run into a seemingly drunk New Yorker.  This actually turns out to be the first glimpse of our sinister plot as the guy melts in front of the two friends.

We pass to a shot of the city skyline where we are taken on-board a zeppelin filled with Nazi’s as they plot probably the first chemical war attack that’s ever been devised.  A plot that could only be foiled by the likes of Lobster Johnson…..and that’s what we get. A full-on, stealth attack from Lobster as he takes down Nazi’s one by one and prevents them from dropping a chemical bomb in the heart of the city.

Some well-paced action scenes where we see the set-pieces build-up and play out with some strong writing from Mignola & Arcudi… us a definite Indiana Jones feel in both the events and the era being portrayed.  Tonci Zonjic on art and Dave Stewart on colours gives us a solid back-up to the script and scenes developed.  All in all a well-paced adventure one-shot returning Lobster Johnson to the exciting pulp strip that we know and love.  I’m keeping my eyes peeled on the monthly pre-orders for more from this character and I’m hoping that Dark Horse brings a more substantial arc for us to get involved in.



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