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THINK TANK #1 by G-Man
August 7, 2012, 9:54 am
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Image comics has been a top source for the type of comics the Comics Anonymous group love to read and love to tell others to read….and we’d probably love to read them to others as well.  With that in mind it was just a matter of time before partner studio Top Cow would be picked up as another source of our top picks.

Cue Matt Hawkins and his “Think Tank” title, a smart comic which you can learn stuff from and that treats us like we’re smart……can this be real?  As a qualified Chemist the area of science has always been an interest to me and I’m glad that I finally have a comic book that I can intermingle with my copies of New Scientist and Scientific American.  I can hold up my hand and declare I’m not a smart-ass (although some folks may argue that point) but Think Tank has a grounding in real science as Matt’s research for the title is obviously on display from the off.  Sure the main character, Dr David Loren may be a fictitious creation but the details of the theories, the humour in the geeky references and even the “stick it to the man” approach he displays helps blur the “science”, “fiction” and “comic-book” elements on show.

That gives this a solid leap ahead of the other comics on offer in the big bad world out there as it solidifies a true feeling of the “real world” and helps us accept the story developed in this 1st issue.  Dr. Loren works for the government – a genius in that “Tony Stark” mould but with a key difference enforced by his involvement in helping the government develop the top items from their wants list……but struggling to find worth in that work from a moral stand point.  The main character developing a conscious before our eyes and over the course of an issue is well-paced and leaves us built-up just enough to know that we’ve got an interesting journey ahead of us.

There’s very little twists and turns in this first issue but it has the feeling of setting the groundwork with the writing here and I can probably develop any number of theories on where this title will go…..but I get the feeling that Hawkins will show me the way.  All with the help of Rahsan Ekedal and his amazing art, he’s got himself a new fan from this one and the grey tones and solid black outlines for characters he uses throughout this are just exactly what this story needs.  Smart writing + Smart art = Great Comic……a basic and yet flawless theory for a comic book.

Originally set for a four-issue release – I can’t help but think that there’s much more potential with this title so I’m hoping that recent rumblings of an extension are true.



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