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BIRDS OF PREY #1 by gillianhastie
October 15, 2011, 2:09 pm
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I’m a pre-Flashpoint Birds of Prey fan and I loved Gail Simone’s run, but writers change over and characters move on and I’m over it. I am.

Or at least, I will be…

I really don’t like giving negative reviews but there’s a little bit of criticism here, so if you’re allergic to ranty know-it-all bloggers, leave me a comment & balance it out. Seriously, if someone enjoyed this issue, I’d like to see their take.

First off, I’d have liked more Birds in the book. Not everyone on the cover features inside and I’m at a loss as to why Poison Ivy’s getting in on the act. Some of the storytelling is clunky, jarred – maybe it’s the transition between panels? Or maybe the dialogue? Like this:

Starling: You ok, B.C.?

Black Canary: No. But I’m fine.

Eh? Or this

Keen: Who are you guys? Really?

Black Canary: Right now, we’re saving your ass.

Seriously, in a book that makes use of so few words, at least take care with those you choose to include. I smell laziness, or a rushed job.

On the plus side, this line’s a belter.

I  usually love the Birds, but this issue left me feeling nothing toward them. I don’t know if my rant is entirely justified, or if I just miss the creative team from before, and Oracle. The artwork is pretty, Black Canary and Starling are well matched and they both look fierce, especially those turquoise fishnets. I know I’m doing that thing, the thing that arsey fans do, lashing out ’cause it ain’t how I’d have liked it written. I’ll shut up and keep reading & I’ll be a fan again in no time.  Or I’ll spend a wad of cash trying.

Gillian @surelyshine

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