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September 27, 2011, 1:29 pm
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Quite possibly the most hyped book of the DCnew52 reboot has got to be Justice League Dark. Written by comic book veteran Peter Milligan we should be assured of some top-notch story telling. Milligan has been teamed up with relative newcomer, artist Mikel Janin to bring the darkest parts of the DCU to life. got in touch with Mikel to give him an opportunity to say ‘Hi’ to the world of comic book fans and let us get to know him a bit better. Although if his art continues to be of this standard we reckon his will be a name that everyone will know!

1. Hi Mikel, you’ve been announced as the artist for the Justice League Dark book and since then treated us to some previews of your work. To help DC fans decide which of the 52 to get, what makes JLDark a stand-out book for you?

“It’s really a book we are enjoying a lot, so part of this enjoyment should be translated to readers. It’s plenty of  magic and weird things. You can bet this is a dark book, not just a title! And there are well known and loved characters, like John Constantine, Zatanna or Deadman. And there’s a mad witch and it’s Peter Milligan writing all this, so what can be wrong? And Gail Simone has said that “The combination of Milligan’s words and Mikel Janin’s art is thrilling. It’s just a spectacle on the page. Made me HAPPY.” So what can I add?”

2. Many readers will be new to your work. Can you give us an idea of your background and inspirations?

“That’s because I’m new in comics! I’ve been working as architect in my own studio until 2009. Then things became a bit difficult in my country, so I had to leave and start again. I always loved comics, and I’ve been drawing all my life, so I made a portfolio and started to show my work all around. I published my first book as a pro in 2010, and this year DC Comics gave me an opportunity with seven pages in JLA 80 Page Giant. They liked them a lot and gave me an issue of Flashpoint: Deadman & the Flying Graysons, and suddenly they offered me doing a new secret ongoing series, which turned to be Justice League Dark. When I knew Peter Milligan was in writing duties I literally fell down off my seat!”

3. Your work on Deadman & The Flying Graysons has been some stand out art. What do you think of the current trends in mainstream comic book art and will you ever work to conform to a ‘house style’?

“I don’t know what to say. I’m still learning, and I try to dissect all the art I can see, both mainstream and indie, and I try to add always new things to my art. So I’m not consciously conforming any style, just trying to give more in each page.”

4. What are your thoughts on the Blue Beetle, generally?

“Honestly I’m not very familiar with this character, so I’m happy with the reboot, because it’s a perfect jump point for me to know him better. I love his new design and I can’t wait for what Tony Bedard, Ig Guara and Ruy Jose are doing with him!”

5. Which of the DCnew52 are you looking forward to most and why?

 “I’m an artist, so art is always a main entrance for me to new comic books. I’m super excited with Capullo’s take on Batman, this man rocks! His dynamics and strength are outstanding! What about Haden Blackman’s Batwoman? What we’ve seen so far is brilliant, as well as Mahmoud Asrar’s Supergirl. I love it. And Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes Batgirl. And Cliff Chiang in Wonder Woman, or Kenneth Rocafort in Red Hood and the Outlaws. Catwoman, by Guillem March, and so many others! I’m really excited about all this, and can’t wait to have them in my hands!”

6. Are we likely to see your work anywhere outside JLDark in the coming period?

“I don’t think so. JLDark takes all my current time. And I hope it will be a success so I can be drawing this book for many years, and Peter writing it. I’d love it. I’m 100% in this book.”

It should be obvious from the above how much passion Mikel has about his work and it certainly looks like it’s translating onto the pages of JLDark.

Justice League Dark #1 goes on sale tomorrow so remember to pick it up from your Local Comic Book Shop and preorder #2. Check back to soon for a review of #1.

And if you need another reason to but this book, its being coloured by the unbelievably amazing Ulises Arreola whose work you have seen on Marvel’s Journey Into Mystery.

You can check out more of Mikel’s work at his website and blog listed below. You can also follow him on Twitter @mikeljanin.

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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Awesome interview. This is going to be THE book hardcore comic book fans will be talking about. I just feel it. I already like what I see. Hope to see the Spectre in there at some point.

Comment by greenlightcomics1

[…] In addition to Milligan being able to mastermind the development of two of the most original and ground breaking of the DCnew52 titles, it’s his partnership with the artists and how they work together that not only generates a lot of interest but also contributes heavily to the titles success. I’ve made no secret of the impression Justice League Dark’s Mikel Janin’s art has made on me. You can read an earlier interview with Mikel here. […]


[…] Dark cross-over this week.  Art for JL Dark is by Daniel G Sampere this month, not CA favourite Janin. Also from DC, we have The Flash (Captain Cold – yay!), Superman (new writers), Teen Titans […]

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