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A grim post-apocalyptic world is laid out by writer Steve Niles & artist Menton3 in IDW’s latest release….and with a tagline that includes ‘Vampires versus Robots’ – it all sounds pretty damn cool to me.

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PLANETOID #1 by Craig
June 18, 2012, 8:30 am
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Each week at your local comic book store you can be almost certain of two things: DC will have at least one comic with Batman in it (Thank you DC) and Image will probably have a new number #1 comic out. I’m neither shocked nor disappointed by this though, because it means that originality can breed, never succumbing to publishing the same characters month in, month out (well with the exception of maybe The Walking Dead) and ideas getting stale. So Image, what have you got for me this week? A hard-ass guy with a giant muscle-bound robot in the background – oh ok, I’ll try it.

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