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MORRISONCON 2012 by Craig

What do comics, the desert and a rock’n’roll hotel have in common? Normally nothing at all, but for one special weekend at the end of September, the three merged together to form a very special comic convention – one we’ve never seen the likes of before and possibly may never again – and they called it Morrisoncon.

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June 13, 2012, 7:55 am
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Given the chance, there’s probably a short list of people with whom I’d like to swap brains for the day, including Grant Morrison (trippy) and Scott Snyder (BATMAN!), but right now there’s one person’s head I’d love to be able look deeply into so that I can have the answers to what’s happening in his comic – Nick Spencer. He’s currently writing a couple of books for Image and has previously worked with DC and Marvel. We managed to grab Nick at this year’s Kapow! to talk about his current and upcoming work.

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