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January 26, 2012, 8:21 pm
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Like probably many of the readers of this blog, I pre-order my comics two months in advance. It has it’s pros and cons. Pro – it means you’re more likely to get hold of that issue that ends up selling out and going to second print, but con – sometimes you’re taking a gamble and have to anticipate what’s going to be good and what’s not based on very little information. Granted the same risk is taken when you’re just buying from a shop, but it’s more likely you’ll have read or heard good / bad things from places like your faithful Comics blogs (hint – us). For me, this month was a particularly hard one – there appears to be a lot of new books coming out in March that I like the look of, but to add this to my already extensive pull list would be fatal on both my wallet and storage space. So I figured it was about time I had a look at my regular order to see what could be chopped – and since the biggest chunk is made up of DC’s New 52, I figured I’d share my thought process here as a way of micro-reviewing the current line-up. It’s timely also since DC themselves have seen it necessary to cut 6 of the original line up and replace with “second wave” titles…

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