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It’s pretty clear that when we look back at this time in comics we’ll probably refer to it as the creator-owned-age, just like we’ve had our gold, silver and bronze ages previously. It’s not a new phenomenon, but it’s certainly an idea that’s got a lot of people thinking, which as a result has made for more interesting and ground-breaking comics for us the reader. At the epicentre of it all stands Image – a publisher who’ll gladly welcome anyone who has a good idea with open arms and allow them to do what they want with it. So it’s no surprise that this new title, Creator-Owned Heroes comes with the Image stamp of approval and a bag full of creators behind it.

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ALL STAR WESTERN #1 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
October 5, 2011, 12:45 am
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I am so into dark and twisted westerns right now its unreal. I watch The Proposition about once a fortnight, I have Tom Jones’ latest album on my iPod and I’ve even been known to suffer through Jonah Hex, the movie. I like cowboys and I like the X-Files, I like non-mainstream comic book art and I like smoking and drinking whiskey. I really should be all over All Star Western and buying extra copies so I can wallpaper my bedroom. I’m not quite there yet.

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