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INFINITY #1 AND #2 by G-Man

Infinity #1 and #2

So-called “Events” from the big 2 seem to come around as often as celebrity news and in most cases are just as pointless but Jonathan Hickman seems to be trying to break that cycle…..

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Avengers #1

This is it, the much-hyped, must-have title from Marvel Now and having already enjoyed my fair share of the releases so far – I was keen to see if this could match the hype it’s been adorned with.

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AVENGERS VS X-MEN #0-12 by G-Man

Some comic book events will miss the mark and most these days seem to get a bad reception for another event being rolled out but in the case of Avengers vs X-Men….would we see anything new?

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A Couple of months a made a lot of noise about cutting my DC pull list back because I was spending too much money on substandard comics and sacrificing other more interesting books. As a result of reading through previews for March 2012, with so many good books on the horizon, it was time to make some tough decisions: getting rid of heroes I was reading just because their name started with Super. Well March is here and so begins the start of some promising books – starting this week with The Manhattan Projects from Image.

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