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PRIDE #1-4 by G-Man

The Pride

Creator Joe Glass brings us The Pride – a superhero comic with a difference as it tackles an issue that most comics venture into with it’s frank & refreshing approach to sexuality.

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TINPOT HOBO #1 by Craig

Being an indie/small press comic must be tough – it must be especially tough to try and get people interested in your book while out at cons too. With so many other creators fighting for your attention you need something that’s going to stand out and grab people – and that’s exactly what Tinpot Hobo did during our recent trip the London Super Comic Con. As is the same with a regular monthly comics order, money and spare time dictate just how many comics you can buy, and although we’d love to pick up every small press book at every con, you have to instead take a gamble and pick up what you expect to like – which is even harder when sometime you’ve got no prior knowledge to go on. So simply put, was Tinpot Hobo worth the gamble?

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