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We’re just recovering from the weekend and coming to terms with having to be back to work today, but here’s Gary and Craig’s look back at what the second day of the Glasgow Comic Con had to offer. Make sure to check our Day 1 coverage too, since there’s loads of revealing bits from Mr Grant Morrison about his upcoming Multiversity series in there too.

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NO MORE HEROES #2 by Craig
June 22, 2012, 8:30 am
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I reviewed issue #1 of Gordon McLean’s No More Heroes a few months back – and it kicked ass, but now issue #2 is here and guess what? It kicks even more ass. If there’s one indie title you should be reading, it’s this (ok so maybe this AND The Standard – treat yourself!). It’s not very often that I await the release of a specific small press book, resigning myself more to an “if and when” scenario, but at this year’s Kapow! this book was top of my list to pick up.

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