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Breath of Bones

Steve Niles may be most well-known for the big horror releases like 30 Days of Night or Criminal Macabre but his latest title Breath of Bones: A Tale of The Golem through Dark Horse had a mix of wartime history and horror that had me intrigued.

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February 19, 2013, 1:08 am
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Hellboy in Hell #3

After a strong opening couple of issues (#1 & #2) we fall further into Hellboy’s passed life in issue #3 of Mike Mignola’s triumphant return to art & writing duties.

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THE CREEP #3 by G-Man
November 28, 2012, 12:09 am
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The penultimate issue in Oxel’s latest case sees writer John Arcudi & artist Jonathan Case delve deeper into the mystery they’ve got us hooked on.

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COLDER #1 by G-Man

With one of the best covers in recent memory I had high hopes for Colder from Dark horse – promising a gruesome horror but was that really what we got?

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THE CREEP #2 by G-Man

The case continues in the latest issue in this Dark Horse title by writer John Arcudi & artist Jonathan Case.

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CREEP #1 by G-Man

After enjoying issue #0 of The Creep (reviewed here) – I was keen to see where John Arcudi & Jonathan Case would take us on this dark, detective story.

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THE CREEP #0 by G-Man

The first thing that’ll grab you from this Dark Horse release has GOT to be that Frank Miller cover but a good cover has never guaranteed a sure fire winner on the inside…..which way would Creep #0 take us?

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ABE SAPIEN : The Devil Does Not Jest #1 & #2 by G-Man

Another roll of the comic book dice for the Comics Anon team brought us Abe Sapien : The Devil Does Not Jest.  Now we all know Abe from the Hellboy movies….but the most refreshing things about this tale….is that we get a complete tale within 2–issues and we get to see Abe step out of Hellboy’s shadow and hold his own.

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