Comics Anonymous

March 5, 2012, 5:44 pm
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With issue #3 having recently made its debut at this year’s Cardiff Comic Con and making me curse the Con Gods who held London Super Con on the same weekend – my pre-ordered copy hit my door just a week or so ago.  Having picked up issues #1 & #2 from the creators last year (and reviewing it here) my “go-to” comic for some escapism and fun had a new name….and it was a UK indie…..even better!

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As 2012 fills up the CA team diary with more Cons than Arkham Asylum, there’s also the added bonus of the TOP comic book contributors being highlighted in the numerous award ceremonies which take place at these.  None more so than the long standing Eagle Awards (around since the mid-70’s) which are presented at this years MCM Expo London Comic Con in May.   With the 1st round of nominations being open since the start of January through until the end of February, the CA team thought we’d try and highlight some key possibilities for your nominations…..

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Lou Scannon #1 & 2 by G-Man
November 22, 2011, 11:30 pm
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I was fortunate enough to catch up with Dan Harris, Kris Carter & Jim Bampfield as I continued my on-going mission to read more comics than a human brain can process…..and when I heard the words “Do you like Red Dwarf?” as part of the discussions on this book…..they had me hooked…..on the downside….this may confirm my outward appearance as a geek…..and to be fair….I WAS at a comic con….so it was a losing battle for my street-cred anyway.

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