Comics Anonymous

The G-Man

The G-Man

Sooo……Comics Anonymous…..what’s it all about???  Well this all started as an idea among four friends to turn their regular catch-ups and hours talking comics, what to read, what’s been good, what’s coming out & what Cons we could make it to……into something more. It all seemed like fate that the idea came to the group just about thesame time that DC’s New 52 reboot was kicking off…..and so in true “We don’t know what we’re doing!” style we split the whole series of releases among us to read/review every first issue.  Excitement among the group and the typical difference of  opinion saw this grown to become a catalyst for more gatherings of the group that saw even MORE comic book talk on the go.

Things change though and about a year or so after starting the Blog page……four became one in the core Comics Anonymous team……and the G-Man has kept trucking ever since.  I’ve thrived on my hobby becoming something bigger and the chance to attend some great Con’s in the UK & Ireland in the years since Comics Anonymous was born.  I’ve met some big names, I’ve gone all fanboy on the some of the writers/artists I’ve grown up reading but most of all….I’ve had fun with it.  I don’t have any firm allegiance to a particular publisher which leaves me a pretty broad scope for my options on what to read as we all know there are good & bad titles across the shelves of comic book shops every Wednesday but most titles have the potential for something BIG no matter who releases it.

That’s become even more apparent to me with the small press world where artists/writers/colourists/letterers all commit their own time and money to a passion they love – telling stories in comic book form.  The silver-lining for me is that the blog brings with it the option to read these amazing titles with no limits, no restrictions and brimming with talent.  Throwing myself into the small press scene in the UK and beyond as I’ve been sent issue after issue to read, re-read and then give my opinion on and that’s been amazing.

G-Man circa 1985

G-Man circa 1985

So what about me??  Well…..I’ve been a big comic book fan since an early age as you can see by that photo and an early love for Spider-Man was only the beginning.  Like most people who grew up in the 80’s I lived on a TV fix from re-runs of shows like the 60’s Batman with Adam West and late 70’s shows like The Incredible Hulk & The Amazing Spider-Man.  All quickly drawing me into the fantastic world of comics that they were influenced by…….I quickly found out which shops in my local area sold some sort of comic book that I could lose myself in saved as much money as I could to keep these characters alive in these inventive battles of good vs evil.  I drew my favourite characters too and while I wasn’t great…..that was just another aspect that helped me immerse myself in the worlds that entertained me and sparked my creative side into my own  “What if’s?” as my imagination ran wild with the possibilities.  In many ways I’m still that 5 year-old kid only with two adult-sized Spidey outfits and the same love for the stories within the many paneled pages of comic books.

Gary aka G-Man @gjwatson85 

Fiona Watson Photography

Thankfully while this hobby of mine has grown I’ve been fortunate enough to have my wife along side me as I travel the country visiting cons.  Something we can share but even more of a gain for me and the Comics Anonymous site itself is the fact that she’s a talented photographer…..capturing some amazing shots of me bumbling a question to a big name from the comic book world or snapping a shot of the stalls, creators & cosplayers that attend the events we’ve been to.  She primarily focuses on Weddings, portraits & commercial photo’s though and she’s available for event bookings over at her website.

Fiona @fwatsonphotos

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