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FIND by G-Man
January 26, 2015, 7:00 am
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Find One-Shot

Sam Read teams up with Alex Cormack on this latest one-shot release Find as he follows in the footsteps of John Less with The Standard & And Then Emily Was Gone by stepping into the direct market comics thanks to ComixTribe.

While Sam saw recent success with Exit Generation, his four part sci-fi yarn he’s stepped into the all-ages arena with a tale of a young boy’s discovery of a strange object that leads him to adventure.  Billed as a “nod to the 80’s/90’s coming-of-age-films” it packs alot of story into those pages as it follows Teddy in what initially appears as a hard-life as he carries out endless chores for parents that don’t even notice him.  Rather than dwell on that though he uses the fact to make the most of his alone time and explore the world around his home……and ultimately leading him to THAT Find as mentioned in the title.

Find - hard life

The main event for the release is the discovery made by Terry and the fun & adventure that brings as it opens his eyes to the possibilities and what else could be out there in the big, wide world.  The story starts & ends with an older, bedridden Terry telling his story which gives the whole release a bittersweet edge to it that gets passed teh struggles of life and focuses on the hope and wonder that living can bring.  It could go all sentimental on us but there’s a Spielberg-like vibe of sensibility that embraces the awe & wonder and kinda makes you want to head out exploring…….well I did anyway.

Find - The discovery

Sam’s writing is spot-on in Find as he lays out Terry’s ultimate life-experience for us or at least the catalyst for him grabbing hold of the options ahead of him and while that bittersweet element drifts in it’s dealt with carefully & with a skillful positive spin on things.  There’s action in there too as the adventure kicks off and the reaction of Terry and then a few others from the town shape the course of the story to what becomes a well-rounded one-shot with strong characters and a great pace to it.  You’ll read this and then probably re-read it straight away as you get swept up in the story but that’s part of Sam’s success here.  Alex Cormack equals Sam’s deft touch with the gritty side of life being just as key to the story as the all out excitement of the discovery made and the pages just seem to glow with artwork that could easily be envisioned on the small or big screen.

A great creative team releasing a great one-shot……I don’t think it gets much better than that.

Due for release this Wednesday (28th) – Get it from your local comic shop or head on over to ComixTribe’s Comixology page to get a digital copy.  Check out their own website for other releases too.

Keep an eye on Sam’s previous & future release over on his website too as I’m sure Find is just the start of bigger things.



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