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Neil Slorance brings us his third & (sadly) final travelogue with Let’s Go To Bordeaux and like his previous travelogue’s Nine Lines of Metro and Seven Days in Berlin the book is packed with charm.

Picking up with a brief prologue that sums up missed chances at love we soon settle into a story that’s part love story, part travel guide and all real.  Neil meets his soon-to-be-girlfriend Coralie and we see the days they spend together in Bordeaux as he heads to meet the rest of her family.  A mix of new places to see & new foods to tastehelp further develop their relationship which could come across as all kinds of sentimental but the simplistic style to Neil’s art and the honesty that it captures makes this (and his other travelogues) feel like a hug in comic book form.

A different life

The whole issue manages to grab every possible experience from the sad, the funny & the embarrassing and lay them out for you and that makes it instantly likeable but instantly relatable too.  That’s part of the appeal for Neil’s work but in particular the travelogue’s that he’s produced as it captures the essence of adventure and the value in those moments while also finding the value in the quieter times when you’re just sitting in someone’s company, watching the world go by & making the most of every one of those experiences…..including finding a taste for Quiche.

Pretty good quiche

Easy to read and even easier to get lost in, Neil’s work in this and in fact ALL his work has got a style all of it’s own and the sense of fun that runs through them captures the real reason we ever read comics in the first place – to have fun.  That comes in many different forms but in Neil’s work…’s keeping things simple while making a far greater impact than he probably realizes.  Great work from Neil yet again and I’m hoping that this isn’t his last travelogue release.

Go grab all 3 & Neil’s other releases over on his online shop



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