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December 24, 2014, 8:00 am
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Small Press

The last few year’s have seen more and more quality titles being released week after week and a flood of new TV shows & Movies based on some of the best creations…..but overshadowing that success (at least for me) has been the quality of small press titles on offer in the UK and beyond.

While Marvel & DC continue to dominate the wider market the likes of Image, IDW, Dark Horse & Boom are continuing to contribute a significant number of quality releases that offer something different.  However, the small press world has that cutting edge feel to it these days as every genre is catered for with an amazing amount of both writing & artistic talent out in the real world.  Creative people pouring their heart & soul into telling the stories they want to tell and telling them exactly how they want them to be told.  The risks are obvious as finances are gathered although an increase in Kickstarter campaign’s seem to be easing that slightly if it’s managed correctly….they can’t offer the world but if they pitch it right and hit the right audience the books can sell themselves.

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The next step is to increase that distribution and hoping that the comic reading world – be they old schoolers or newbies – have to make that conscience decision to take a gamble.  Sometimes it won’t pay off but when it does the rewards are instantly more tangible as you’ve helped that creator take another step in the direction of bringing their current project and future projects to fruition.  There’s a sea of bold projects out there already and I’m sure there are a lot more on the cusp of becoming a reality and I for one hope that the success spreads further and wider for those taking the plunge.

With more Comic Con’s & Marts popping up over throughout the country and beyond – there’s a definite potential to grasp hold of their 15 minutes of fame and convert that into the type of exposure that could lead to bigger & better things.  Which may or may not be a chance with one of the main publishers… may be as simple as collecting a complete story, producing that one kick-ass issue or even just breaking even.

As 2014 comes to a close it’s a chance to reflect on a year long push to read comics that entertain me…..and I’m fortunate enough to have been given the chance to read some of the best small press titles around in advance of their release.  Some great titles that have earned a space in my regular “pull-list” and that inspire me to read more of their work and maybe one-day take the plunge & write a comic of my own…..who knows??  Everyone should take the chance at a small press book and I almost lose track of the titles I recommend to others from the small press shelf….hopefully that trend will continue into 2015 and I can keep this one-man show ticking over with reviews.


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