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Exit Generation

Sam Read’s Exit Generation 4-parter may have started back in 2013 with a cracking opener but in 2014 we got the remaining issues….and they went from strength to strength.

The sci-fi adventure tale sees a ramshackle group of misfits take on the might of the Ruleians as they continue they’re universe spanning buffet by eating their way planet to planet.  There’s a great mix of heartfelt moments as Jack’s quest to save his family from the Ruleian menu & all-out action as we essentially get a space-battle/rescue mission.


Backing-up Sam’s great cast of characters was a creative team that captured every scare, gunshot & rocket boost with ease.  Caio Oliveira’s art, colours by Ruth Redmond (#1) & Marissa Louise (Issues #2-4), Colin Bell’s lettering (shocker) & 4 phenomenal covers by Ramon Villalobos combine to give this an extremely polished look.  Exit Generation may well be the small press equivalent of Guardians of the Galaxy as the mix is just pitch perfect across each of the story layers – fun & frantic family frolics…….all good!

Check out my reviews of issues #1, #2, #3 & #4 and more importantly – go catch up on more of Sam’s work at his blog.  You can also get hold of these issues over at Read French Comics too.


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