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December 18, 2014, 8:00 am
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It wouldn’t be a proper year of comics without a Lou Scannon issue and we had #7 debut at this year’s Thought Bubble last month.

After creative team of Kris Carter, Dan Harris & Jim Bampfield hit us with a change of pace in issue #6 they continued that vibe with issue #7 and while we may have seen a drop in all out action…..the character focus with this issue brought Lou, Vic, Crysta & the gang a whole new light.  These characters became far more real across those last two issues because of that pace change and that converted this from a quick-hit, comedy comic into a sci-fi comedy epic.


The same laughs, in-jokes and geeky nods are there but the crew is now more like family as we’re firmly on their side as they fight the good fight and steal whatever they can to survive…..sounds like a pretty ideal life to me tbh :D. It now starts the countdown to issue #8 and beyond while this still remains one of the small press titles that I suggest most people read.  Laugh out loud funny & action packed to start with and then that same combination is added to with a deeper feel to the story & characters we’ve so easily adopted.  Great stuff.

Go grab these issues over at the Lou Scannon Website



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