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December 17, 2014, 11:07 pm
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Man vs Rock 3

The fight continues in Volume 3 of Man vs Rock from writers Victor Detroy & Kevin Bieber with art by Jared Lamp and the gang are keeping this crazy comedy rolling.

All our main players are back from Volume’s 1 & 2 with Vivian trying to coax the President into taking some action but the real focus for this issue is the face to rock-face confrontation between the US army and the invaders.  Pesky rocks take some casualties but the thing about rocks is…..there’s loads of them.

WAR!!!The soldiers strip and start making out with each other in a premature celebration….only for things to kick off AGAIN and the rocks attack.  The absurd nature of the story only works because of the conviction in the writing, as the nonsense pouring from our characters mouths all makes some kind of messed up sense in the world they’re in.  The world’s leaders all convene in the war room and a stereotypical response form them all is played out for laughs….but that’s all while Buck Stone is making his own attempts to save the day.

Buck to the rescue

After a solid couple of opening issues this is settling into it’s stride – it keeps the laugh out loud moments coming as it straddles crazy & messed up logic to bring what is in essence a title that you can suggest to your friends to read because you know their messed up sense of humour will react to it in the same way.  It’s got the air of a “cult classic” about it in the same vein as something like the Evil Dead and I can’t wait for more of this.  The artwork remains consistent across all three volumes as it suits the tale – a bit rough, a bit wacky in places but the strong caricature feel to the characters keep them funny yet familiar in equal measure & that familiarity is another reason to like this release.

Keep tabs on these 3 issues and progress over at the website and on the Facebook page.  You can also get Volume 1 over on Comixology with the others to follow soon.



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