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December 15, 2014, 10:23 pm
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The October Faction #3

This latest issue from Steve Niles & Damien Worm starts to tie together all those story hints across issues #1 & #2 and the Allan Family’s world of weird is starting to make more sense…….if that’s possible.

Dolores is recovering from her recent attack and Frederick is on the case of finding out who’s responsible….something that Dolores tells him herself when she regains consciousness in her hospital bed.  The kids are there too as they keep a vigil while trying to make their own plans on how to help and how to get their dad back in the monster-hunting game.  Something he seems to be doing on his own as he reminisces about the early days with Dolores.

The old days

Robot Face is on the loose… we know from the earlier mystery and the as Vivian becomes his next target there’s the lucky return of Lucas in the nick of time.  A far more hectic pace from Niles in this issue but it’s still gloriously dark and atmospheric.  Emphasized further by Damien’s artwork who’s change of palette and panel layout capture the closeness of family, the thrill of the chase and a final sequence that proves just how badass Frederick Allan really is.  If anything, it makes me hope there are more monsters on the way and the whole family can regroup and take them out.Lucas!!

The Niles/Worm team-up made my highlights of 2014 list and this issue captures EVERYTHING that makes this duo standout with their creation resting comfortably at the top of my reading pile on every release.  Strong characters & an intricate story with more twists to come for sure……and the extra layer of the artwork & it’s layout adding an element of beauty to a story of monsters & horror.  One of the most consistent new titles around and if you’re not getting this now……go grab these while you can.



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