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December 14, 2014, 8:00 am
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Reel Love Act One

Dogooder comics debuted Owen Michael Johnson’s Reel Love back in July at Glasgow Comic Con but I was lucky enough to get a hold of a review copy a bit earlier and was instantly swept up in this glorious title.

Telling a very personal story of growing up steeped in the world of movies we catch a glimpse of his first experiences of the art form, the escapism it represented and the awe and wonder that the cinema surroundings can give to everyone.  Although the story takes a chance to emphasize the impact it has across pop culture and the imagination it can unlock as part of that the movie-going experience.  These themes make their way into daily life as the highs & lows play out and having grown-up with a similar interest myself this helped give me an instant connection with this & get lost in it as much as I do a good movie.

Reel obsession

It’s got a Spielberg type feel to it and as Owen writes this he also provides the artwork so he’s pouring as much of his creative expression as he can and he nails each aspect of that.  Great stuff that has me yearning for the times when going on an adventure or making a costume to go fight baddies seemed a firm possibility.

Go catch this over at the Doogooder website.


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