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HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014 DAY 11 – SPIDER-MAN 2099 by G-Man
December 11, 2014, 8:00 am
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Spider-Man 2099 Vol 2 #1

The events of Superior Spider-Man #17 saw another version of Spidey return in his own title in Spider-Man 2099……and I’m glad that he’s back.

Writer Peter David returned to the character he created back in 1992 with Rick Leonardi and after being a MASSIVE fan of the original series – I was glad to see him re-appear in his own title.  While he may have shifted from the future to the Peter Parker timeline it’s great to see the character find a well-earned place in Marvel’s current plans.  Peter David teams up with artist Will Sliney who manages to capture the same fresh feel to the character that was there in 92 and while I hope he returns to the future, in this title he’s currently playing a key part in the Spider-Verse event that Dan Slott has been leading us to, he brings a new dimension to the Spider-Man lore that I’m hoping new readers are embracing.


My favourite version of Spider-Man returning to comics and written by the writer who made him my favourite – so this made it a sure thing for me to add to my pull-list.  Sliney nails the artwork and the title as a whole has recaptured the key elements that I was desperate to see.


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