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December 9, 2014, 8:00 am
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After growing to enjoy Arrow from CW I was hyped to see one of my favourite characters make an appearance and I only got more hyped when it was getting his own series.

While Arrow took time to iron out the kinks, The Flash was able to start off on the right foot from Episode 1 and it’s dropping enough hints at bigger villains to come as well as not giving away too much too soon.  There’s still the mystery over the murder of Barry Allen’s mother and his quest to free his father (played by John Wesley Shipp from the 90’s series) from prison after wrongly being put away for the murder.  Quirky science and with it’s heart firmly on it’s sleeve the mix of humour & dark villains with the added element of the mystery surrounding Dr Harrison Wells and his “need” for a wheelchair and it seems to check all the boxes we might need for an authentic adaptation.  The casting is tight with Grant Gustin making a pitch-perfect Barry and the supporting cast offers equally matched casting to the characters they are portraying from the DC characters world.


There will inevitable be those who don’t agree with every aspect of the show and while the costume has come into question among many other elements…..I enjoy the fact that some of those change shave been made to aide the show instead of being made just for the sake of it.  The ability make those changes AND embrace the source material & mythology is always going to be a fine balancing act and for me, this achieves it.


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