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A book that I’ve read a couple of times now since buying it earlier this year was the Improper Books release of Porcelain from Benjamin Read & Chris Wildgoose……a first step into small press for the pair but a fairly significant one.

That fairy tale tag line couldn’t be more suited to this as the first volume of Porcelain introduces us to the Child and the Uncle main characters with the rich & poor divide being eased in a heartwarming tale of them both being saved from their lonely lives by finding each other.  Uncle adopts Child and his Porcelain automaton’s that he brings to life become a wider family with the help of some magic/mystery.  A strong opening volume sees these two characters become closer and closer as they get to know each other and we get to know them.  Typical ups & downs play out and the laughter and joy they find in each others company is only halted by the magic turning against them with a bittersweet conclusion.


Great characters and plot from Benjamin and some of the most beautiful artwork around from Chris leaves this story lingering in your mind long after reading it.  One that I could re & re-read easily and one of my top titles to ask my friends if they’ve read yet.  Go check out more in the volume 1 review here.

The announcement of volume 2 on it’s way next year should bring with it a similar level of excitement which it already has for me after seeing some of the artwork at Nottingham Comic con earlier this year and getting some of the final pages to preview here too.



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