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December 7, 2014, 8:00 am
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Space Captain

With a year full of small press titles that were worth reading this one was one of the most recent as it received it’s debut at Thought Bubble back in October after a phenomenal Kickstarter campaign.

Telling a sci-fi tale of our hero Space Captain and his return to space exploration after an unplanned break with a definite cult air about the whole issue.  Similar to the vibe that the movie Moon had – it’s got a fresh take on that “man out of time” story as SC gets to know his surroundings, the other people/aliens within it and find out for sure who is an enemy and who ias  a friend.

Space Captain - interior

A great set of characters from creators Chris Baldie & Michael Park as they lay out their universe before us and gifts us a story that captures loss, hope and the awe of space exploration with a pinch of subtle humour in the mix that adds that extra element of realism to his human/alien characters.  There’s also a bad guy out to get SC as well so this issue feels far fuller than it’s 34 page length.  Glorious artwork helps bolster that overall feel to the release and it was one of the early preview comics I got hold that I was honestly blown-away with…..bit of  a no-brainer it made my highlights to be honest…..but go read it as soon as you can and see why I gave it 10/10 when I reviewed it here.

Check in with Dogooder Comics to find out more over at their website or facebook.


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