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December 6, 2014, 8:00 am
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Wytches from Image just started back in October but there was already a fair amount of buzz around it after the initial announcements it was on it’s way and with Scott Snyder writing & Jock on art there was good reason for that.

Now Snyder may have breathed new life into Batman since the New 52 but I always hoped he’d write more horror stories after reading Severed (which was also released through Image) back in 2011.  So here it is 2014 and although we’ve only had 2 issues of it so far….it’s shaping up to be the edgy, disturbing tale I was hoping for.  A real-life tale of witches, ghosts and the darker side of what appears to a be simple story of family life at first but Snyder builds layers among the characters that make this all the more interesting and it’s a mix some brilliant, uneasy moments that makes you check behind you just in case.


Add to that the gritty, edgy artwork from Jock and the term horror applies to a comic that warrants the name.  With more scares on the way in future issues I’m sure this will grow to become among the best work from both writer & artist….go grab a copy and scare yourself.


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