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Big Trouble in Little China

To say I was hyped by Boom Studios bringing Jack Burton to a new on-going release would be an understatement of EPIC proportions but was I really ready for this cult favourite of mine to appear in my pull-list???…………..”I was born ready!”

Eric Powell teams-up with John Carpenter to write the further adventures of Jack and the Pork Chop Express as he gets drawn back into the dark world of the film.  Egg, Wang & the gang are back to help as the fight against evil in all it’s forms is back with just as much guts, glory, bravado and monologue as you can fit into a comic book series.  Thankfully the mix of adventure & demons works well in comic book form but Jack is back and his humour and approach to kick it in the face and ask questions later just seems to have me giggling through each issue so far.

Jack and Pete

Part reminiscing but part enjoying the escapism that Jack’s world allows as it never takes itself too seriously and is just plain fun…..and that’s what comics should really be about – it’s why I started reading them and then it’s great to drift back to that and feel like a kid again.  good fun with Jack Burton and makes we wish there were more movies…..but then can you really follow-on from a classic like the first one???  Maybe just comics for now but this has brightened up 2014 for me anyway.  Issue #1 reviewed here.


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