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December 4, 2014, 8:00 am
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Starlight #1

The title set to mark the beginning of the Millarworld Universe would see Mark Millar team-up with artist Goran Parlov in a new 6-part Sci-fi adventure for Image Comics.

For me this was Millar’s return to form as he set out a proper old school adventure which sees our hero, Duke McQueen growing old but far from happy.  Losing his wife marks a key point for him as he begins to reminisce about his days of adventure….which no one back home really believes him about and the strange/fading relationship with Duke & his sons gives this a sombre start.  The last page reveal on issue #1 turns that around though and from there the adventure begins as we’re back on the trail of doing the right thing and back in space in no time.  A twisting plot of double-crossing aliens and the power of the people as they try taking back what’s there’s with Duke at the helm.

yesterdays and today

Millar’s universe has arrived and this epic opening is equally matched by Goran Parlov’s art which captures the history and weight on Duke’s shoulders before expanding that to all-out adventure and a tussle between the haves & have-nots.  Here’s hoping for more of the Millarworld Universe soon.


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