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December 2, 2014, 8:00 am
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Marvel truly expanded the scope of their film universe with Guardians of The Galaxy, the box-office smash that built on the success of those earlier films and introduced another unknown group of comic book characters to a wider audience……and had us all saying “I am Groot!”

Strangely enough when I first heard this was coming out I couldn’t see where this would take the Marvel movies as it’s the first set of characters I knew of but hadn’t read much about…..and that is with me being a fan of most comic books around.  Nevertheless, like millions of people around the world I went to see this knowing that so far, Marvel hadn’t really put a foot wrong in their first two movie phases…..although most have problems with some of the movies…..the main feeling has been a positive one to their overall vision.


GotG brought us a new mix of worlds & characters to explore and with Chris Pratt cast as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord the leader of what would become the new stand-out team form the Marvel movies………the movie surprised many.  Glorious set-pieces & all out action blended with some laugh out loud moments with some poignant moments thrown in for good measure that would give us “We are Groot” swiftly followed by “I’ve got something in my eye” response as we hid just how attached to the characters we had just come to know and soon love.  Great casting in a fun movie just seemed to resonate with comic fans & non-comic fans alike to make this a new benchmark for future movies… it gave us one of the best movie soundtrack in years… that gave the movie a new dimension and firmly placed the cast of space-misfits & writer/director James Gunn in our minds as the new heroes to look out for.  Check out my review here

Ooga Chaka for the WIN – Roll-on GotG 2.


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