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After the last issue ended with our human survivors coming face to face with their Alien captors – it’s time to take a look at how Sam Read finishes this 4-parter that’s had an impressive momentum across it’s first 3 issues.

It’s diners vs dinner as the Ruleians have finally caught up with the human intruders as they make their rescue attempt and this all kicks off BIG style.  Guns blazing, bullets flying & fighting talk firing as Jack’s make-shift gang try to finish their plan.  I say plan…..they’re pretty much making this up as they go and that makes this all the more involving as it’s a real quest for survival.


The Ruleians continue their defiant bid to appease their hunger and frustrations kick-in causing them to care less about savouring the meal…..and more about stopping that meal from destroying their ship.  It’s an action-filled issue so the pace is high and we’re on the brink of both sides coming to a gruesome end when a last gasp moment of clarity brings them an all or nothing option for escape…..and they take their chance.

FIRE!It’s never as smooth as that though as the big hitters in the human team take some injuries from the now visceral alien attacks as they seek top put an end to this rebellion. With some of the key players on the verge of death from their injuries……it’s a cliffhanger near the end of this issue to see if they’ll all survive intact but you’ll have to read it for yourself to find that out.

Closing out well and leaving a hint at possible more adventures to come…..we’ll see if Sam returns to the world he’s created in the future I hope.  A change in pace brings with it a step up in all-out action and Caio Oliveira’s art blends well with Marissa Louise’ colours to capture that fizz of bullets overhead and the real clamber to escape as the ship takes a beating in the onslaught.  Tight panel work matches that pace and maintains the same quality that we’ve seen in issues #1, #2 & #3.  Ramon Villalobos nails it with another top cover too, that captures the defiance in the face-off between Ruleian & Human.

Issue #4 will debut at this weekend Thought Bubble event in Leeds and you can catch up on more of Sam’s work at his blog.  You can also get hold of these issues over at Read French Comics too.



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