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Space Captain

After a phenomenally successful Kickstarter campaign creators Michael Park & Chris Baldie had their Space Captain fully funded and it’s now set for release through Dogooder comics this coming weekend at The Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival in Leeds with the weekend con closing out the week long series of events in style.

The backing on this alone should’ve been enough to show JUST how popular this comic and these creators actually were…..and yet I found myself completely surprised by this release.  It’s bold yet simple cover gave it an unassuming air to it but that works completely in it’s favour.  Working through the title I found myself increasingly lost in what was happening and I was soon tuned into the events of our central character being discovered in the ice and the realization that the world he woke up in was very different to the one he had left behind.

Space Captain interior

Events unfold and through a mix of flashbacks we soon learn of Space Captain’s significance……something that doesn’t go unnoticed as word gets out about the discovery of this human from the ice.  It’s here the adventures begin as Space Captain is tracked down and hunted by an alien species who’s keen to land himself a trophy to return to his commander.  A face-off is soon on the cards and Space Captain gives as good as he gets before teaming up with the local old-timer and heading off into the big black in the spaceship equivalent of a camper van.

I could tell you more and show you more of the images from this issue……but the truth is, I don’t want to rob you of the chance to discover that all for yourself.  The plot is smart and well paced with some laugh out loud sarcastic humour that hits at just the right times.  The action is sensible without being drawn out for the sake of it and the suspense built on both the significance of Space Captain’s discovery and the hunters out to get him make this one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in quite a long time.  A title with a “wow” factor without trying too hard.

The art is pitch perfect too as layouts work well to cover every aspect of the story be that adventure, fight scene or poignant flashback…….and the 34-page total seems to last much longer as it’s such an enjoyable read……less of a throwaway title as some comic books can be and yet ANOTHER hidden gem among the small press releases that highlight just how much talent there is in this country and beyond, producing their own books without boundaries.  A welcome step away from superheroes in a book that will hopefully be the beginning of a space epic that makes us yearn for a trip into space like I’m sure we all used to have.

Debuting at Thought Bubble this weekend and one that I’m going to make sure I get hold of.



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