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After a solid opening issue from writer Stephen Sutherland & artist Gary Kelly I was hyped to hear that issue #2 was on the way…….and getting an early look ahead of it’s release makes this whole damn blog thing worthwhile….onward to the review!!!!

Issue #1 introduced us to our strong central character and lead us through to a cliffhanger and we pick up in issue #2 after the final face-off…..Olivia is bruised & bloodied but otherwise unhurt but her girlfriend Sarah is starting to freak the hell out when she finds out a bit more about Olivia’s nocturnal activities fueled by her insomnia.  First things first though…..and a call to Olivia’s cooler than cool Dad brings him in to help patch up his daughter.  This leads smoothly into a flashback and the fight scene that lead to her escape from a situation that seemed pretty much impossible to escape from…..but then you’d expect that from our central character, lets be honest.

Olivia kicking ass

Even when she’s trying to escape with her life she’s still looking for clues and the number plate from her attackers van proves to be the lead she’s after…..but that takes her closer to what turns out to be a far bigger enemy than she expected in the form of Never…..a dressed in white bad guy who seems to know far too much about Olivia and her life for her own liking.  Things twist & turn before there’s a final chase down between the two that brings us to another cliffhanger ending but I’ll let you discover that for yourself.

Race ya

Again, the strong characters are here as Stephen weaves his plots and deals with what become real threats to Olivia’s nearest and dearest & takes her unique skill set into overdrive.  The introduction of Never acts as an equal to Olivia and it leaves the entire story alot more open to the possibilities of which way it will go…..and right now….I don’t know who’ll win in the end….although my sensible head says that good will triumph.  Only Stephen knows that and we’ll surely find out in the coming issues.

Gary’s art again keeps things tight and consistent from what we saw in that first issue and the only minor quibble I have with the second issue, is that I wish it had stayed in black & white…..which is weird because I thought the complete opposite to start with when looking at that first issue.  It’s not that the colouring is bad in this issue, far from it as Lesley Atlansky (who coloured the cover of issue #1) contributes some great work in this issue.  It’s all a matter of personal taste on this one I think – so don’t shoot me.

Guest cover artist, Emma Vieceli nails it with this issue too as it’s an attention grabbing cover that hints at the double-life elements that the Olivia character represents and this adds the final element to the creative team which builds on the success of that opening issue and maintain’s the quality with ease.

Check out this and more over at the Unthank Comics website & check out more on Emma Vieceli’s website too.



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